Nothing gets you going during a workout like an awesome playlist. Here’s a Summer 2017 Workout Songs playlist to get your heart pumping while you burn calories.

Summer 2017 Workout Songs Playlist

You know what it’s like – you hear a favorite song and all of a sudden it’s like you got a shot of adrenaline. The song inspires you kick it up a notch. That’s what you want for your workouts. A workout songs playlist that not only keeps you going, but also gets you to enjoy that workout, no matter how many burpees the workout includes. I’ve put together a Summer 2017 Workout Songs Playlist of my top favorite workout tunes to give you that extra oomph to crush your workouts.

You’ll need to download the Spotify app to listen to this playlist.

Here's a Summer 2017 Workout Songs playlist to get your heart pumping while you burn calories.Click To Tweet

If you’re looking for workouts to go along with this playlist, look no further. I have a series of workouts anyone can do, whether it’s your first time working out or you are coming back from taking a break or you already workout regularly. Check out the workouts here.

Most workouts use only your own bodyweight and some use dumbbells or resistance bands. You can check out Fitness Resources for equipment recommendations.

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Your Turn

What are your favorite workout songs? The ones that get you moving every time you hear them? The ones that push you to go a little faster, a little harder, a little heavier? Comment below. I’d love to know.

Now go put on some music, turn up the volume and get moving!

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