Have you ever had one of those days when you’re running around with a million things to do and just don’t have the chance to get something to eat? Well, you could stop at a convenience store and pick up a “2 hot dogs for $1” deal. Bleck! And so unhealthy for you. Here’s what I do. I keep a couple of protein bars and bottled water in my car. My favorite are Quest Bars. I also carry one in my purse.

My husband’s favorite flavor — and I have to agree I like it a lot, too — is Quest Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It has a whopping 21g protein, 9g fat, and only 4g net carbs. Most protein bars are loaded with carbs, which is fine post-workout, but not if you’re just out and about.

Quest Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Quest Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I like Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk which has 20g protein, 8g fat, 4g net carbs.

Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk
Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk

Both have small chunks of chocolate which satisfies my craving for something crunchy.

My 10 year old son likes Quest Bar Chocolate Brownie. He eats one to get the right mix of protein and carbs before his hockey games and practices. It’s important to get both before a strenuous activity. He also eats one afterwards for carbs to replenish depleted energy stores and for protein to help rebuild muscle.

Quest Bar Chocolate Brownie
Quest Bar Chocolate Brownie

Which brings up another ideal time to have a Quest bar on hand. You need protein and carbs within 20 to 40 minutes after a workout to refuel and rebuild. Any later than that and it’s not as effective. And while pre-packaged supermarket smoothies or even coffee shop smoothies are yummy, they tend to be loaded with sugar. So Quest bars to the rescue! They are the perfect balance of protein, fat and carbs for post-workout.

Hopefully this helps you stay away from those hot dogs and fast food chains. If you have a favorite flavor, feel free to share. I’m open to trying new ones.

What About You?

Do you have a favorite food for when you’re on-the-go? Comment below. I’d love to know.

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4 comments on “Must Have Healthy Food For On The Go”

    • Thank you for the feedback. Let me know which flavors you end up trying. And check out the workouts I posted. Diet and being active go hand in hand if you want to see results.

    • I have to try that flavor. I bought a package of different flavors, but I don’t think it had that one. I love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter.

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