Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you enjoy being active outside? Or have you wanted to give outdoor fitness a try, but don’t know where to start? I’m thrilled to have Luke Douglas write an informative article for Emma and Rose this week. Read on as Luke shares with us 7 ways to stay on top of your fitness game outdoors.

Look Alive! 7 Ways to Stay on Top of your Fitness Game Outdoors

Seasons come and go, but your fitness frenzy sure never gets tired! But if you want to change up your stale gym routine or you simply want to incorporate some new activities in your life, the sunny outdoors can be your perfect inspiration to bring out your inner adventure-seeker.

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Ways to Stay on Top of your Fitness Game Outdoors

1. Just keep swimming

Whether you live near a beach (lucky!), a lake, or a river, spending time in nature is both good for the soul and for your body. Not to mention that swimming is a perfect way to cool down during the hottest days while still working out every muscle in your body. Another perk of swimming is that you’ll be able to break a sweat without actually breaking a sweat!

Then again, swimming pools are equally great solutions for sultry days in the city. Just make sure to go during off-peak hours to avoid the crowd. That way you can get in a few extra laps while there’s room in the pool.

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2. Choose your court

So many team sports are ideal for socializing and getting rid of all that pent-up stress. And they’re great for keeping your body full of energy. If you’re a basketball fan, shoot some hoops with your friends and you’ll have more than enough cardio for the day.

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Summer is also splendid for volleyball and tennis, both of which are incredible whole-body workouts that will be particularly difficult for your endurance, while also keeping your arms and shoulders constantly engaged.

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3. Bring out the skate

Nothing can compare to that amazing feeling of freedom when you were a kid cruising the streets or learning a few new stunts in the park. But skateboarding offers so much more than just a fun outing. It’s an incredible challenge on your cardiovascular system, and it will keep your legs, glutes and core burning the whole time!

However, if you’re a newbie, then make sure to choose the safest skateboard hardware available, so that you can learn to balance, cruise, meander and do tricks with a peace of mind.

Ways to Stay on Top of your Fitness Game Outdoors

4. Jungle gym boot camp

Team up for a hardcore fitness experience outdoors, and your body will be all the more grateful! You can join a team, train alone or get a fitness buddy to be your partner in crime. But those benches will be one hell of a challenge for your strength and endurance.

Think: triceps dips, pullups on the swing bars, lunges, jump rope, and various types of core work that even a pro athlete would salute. You can combine them into a brief HIIT session ideal for fat-burn, or a lengthier cardio workout with a lighter pace.

Playground Exercises

5. Trail-blazing at its best

This will be yet another perfect excuse to organize a getaway to the nearby nature reserve or a forest, with your bike, helmet and proper gear in the back seat of your car. Or, for the greatest enthusiasts among you, you can even bike to your destination and then just continue on the rough terrain.

If you’re more into running, these trails can be equally challenging for your mighty gams, so don’t hesitate to pack plenty of water and spend a few hours exploring nature with an occasional break to soak in the view.

Ways to Stay on Top of your Fitness Game Outdoors

6. Paddle your way to shape

Seemingly simple and easy on the body, sports like kayaking and canoeing can in fact be very demanding no matter your endurance level, while they also offer a beautiful setting for an off-shore exercise. Enjoy the scenery while you work your core, your arms and your back alike. Do it alone or in the company of your besties.

White-water rafting is for the bravest among you, and it’s best done in groups. So you can even turn it into a full-day experience and spend some time away from the concrete while testing your fitness skills.

7. Restore your workout Zen

There will be days when your body craves something more soothing, yet equally difficult for your strength and flexibility. And of course, the answer is yoga! When done in nature or at least outdoors in a park, the results are amplified by the relaxing surroundings.

Create your asana plan before you leave your home, because it can be tricky to remember each move on the spot. And by planning ahead you can ensure that you’ll target every muscle group. Not to mention the benefits for your mind, as this ancient practice is incredible for stress-relief.

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There you have it, 7 ways to stay on top of your fitness game outdoors. Give one or more a try. You may never want to enter a gym again.

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10 comments on “Look Alive! 7 Ways to Stay on Top of your Fitness Game Outdoors”

  1. Great tips!! I like the idea of being outside when working out. Makes the activity seem less tedious and much more fun! Also my bf and I are looking to move to a lake community—I can’t wait to have so many water sports readily available 🙂

    • Yes, it does make it more fun than being in a gym all the time. Lucky you moving to a lake community. You’ll have so many opportunities to be active outside.

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