Month: August 2017

10 Tips for How to Burn More Body Fat

How to Burn More Body Fat: 10 Must-Follow Tips For Success

A major component in losing weight is burning fat. And you need to burn fat every day for long-term weight loss results. But remember that small steps each day can add up to big results after a period of time. If you follow these tips for how to burn more body fat, you won’t be […] Read more…

6 Ways to Workout While the Kids Play

6 Ways to Workout While The Kids Play

As a parent it can be tough to find the time to workout and stay in shape. Between work, keeping the house in order, and taking care of the kids there’s barely enough time sleep, let alone head to the gym several times a week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a little […] Read more…

Top Ten Power Packed Foods

Top Ten Power Packed Foods

The food we eat is the secret is to a long and healthy life. Not all foods are created equal, so choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life. To help guide you in choosing the right foods, here are ten of the […] Read more…